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We will dig deep under the skin of your business to understand what is working for you and what is not. Your business will receive a complete marketing audit detailing your businesses online performance and that of your competitors’ too. Using the data we have collected, Yella experts will make recommendations in an MOT report on the best way to maximise results with the marketing budget. 

It is essential that your website is engaging whilst getting over the right message to your target audience. Our responsive websites ensuring they are friendly to both desktop and mobile users so your customers will have an unhindered experience no matter where they are.

It’s one thing to have an up to the minute website, but ensuring your potential customers can find you is something very different and that is where search engine optimisation (or SEO) comes in. Think of SEO as the glue that holds all your online activities together coherently. Each element of your digital marketing activities must be systematically optimised. This process enables your website to be shown in the search engine results page for certain search terms. And the better the optimisation the higher up the results page your website will appear.

Let’s take your business where your customers go and start chatting. Right now there are hundreds of potential customers talking online about products or services that you can deliver. That’s where we want to take your business and start a conversation. Like most online marketing, social media requires a carefully researched strategy behind it for it to be effective. If you don’t have Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus accounts we can set them up and we can combine our expertise in brands and digital marketing with our creativity and social expertise to get results. Fast!

Most small businesses do some level of advertising. Unfortunately, most small businesses do not know how effective their ad or specific media channel is performing for them. Greenleaf will work with you to set clear goals and objectives before developing you’re advertising campaign. We will plan, buy and manage the creative production, and monitor its effectiveness throughout the activity.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool to enable you to communicate with your customers and tell them what’s new. The days of blasting out generic emails ‘en masse’ are over. Today’s digital savvy consumer expects personalised and relevant communication. Email marketing can bring one of the highest levels of sales conversion as well as improving your brand awareness. We carefully research each campaign ensuring the content is relevant to optimise its effectiveness.

Pay Per Click is a core online marketing tool that should be part of any online marketing strategy. PPC is a fast way to increase your online presence. Adverts are carefully created and placed on the internet to attract your target audience and you pay each time the advert is clicked. PPC has to be part of a digital marketing strategy to leverage the full benefit of its performance otherwise it is a quick way of burning through the monthly budget with little return. PPC can be used to drive customers to your site as well as increase online brand awareness. Even with a small monthly budget of around £250 we can generate effective leads.

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