Search Engine Optimisation for your business

What is Search Engine?

For the website to appear high up in google search, it requires an ongoing on-site SEO work done to the website. As a business owner the fundamental thing you need to remember a success of your website is at the mercy of search engines. Therefore developing a keyword strategy is fundamental for any business. If you are planning to maintain your own website it is critical you understand how search engine work in order for your website to be visible in search engines.

What you need to realise that search engine do not bring any information up live on the internet. Search engines rely on a software that visits websites, downloads the content that it finds on the websites, then links and information from the websites gets uploaded by the software to the server. So when someone is looking for a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist for instance, the search engine software brings the relevant links up found in its database for people to browse. Ultimately, what people are searching is a database with a ranking algorithm applied. Based on the keywords searched, search engines will bring up all the information they have identified in their database.

You will need to follow certain rules so your website will get recognised by the search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialist

It requires time and dedication to keep on top of your SEO work. I will be able to help you to identify the keywords that are relevant and searchable for your business. After all having no keyword strategy in place is just like having no business strategy. If you feel you need some help from a SEO specialist, I will be able to provide a SEO service for you, whether you need a one off help identifying the keywords or a monthly support we can come up with an agreement that is suitable for you.  For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact me.


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